Why Concisely?

Saving you money on all your business supplies

We insist that our customers get the best possible value for money. Our association with leading UK Purchasing Group NEMO and the global Business Products Groups International (BPGI) ensure that we are part of one the UK’s largest business products purchasing networks.

We have the purchasing power to ensure that our prices to you are always very competitive, and for customers who are prepared to commit to a pre-agreed spend, we may be able to offer even great savings.

We give you the choice of how and when to order;you can contact us in any of the traditional ways or use our state-of-the-art online store, making the process of placing your orders quick, simple and hassle-free, reducing the associated cost of processing the order.

We are a dedicated team with a proactive and innovative approach to meeting your requirements. We will only supply the solution that’s right for you, and will review pricing and product mix to ensure you are procuring as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Together with our partners we have a fleet of delivery vehicles, with next day delivery as standard. This means you will never be without the small things that keep you running.

Our promise to you

We want to be your principle source for office, business and related products, giving you great prices, reliability and a relationship you can trust.

We pride ourselves on our business ethics and promise to always keep your best interest at heart.

If you feel like we have missed a step in our efforts to look after you, please let us know, and we will endeavor to quickly and efficiently rectify the situation.

We are always available to talk through our services, product ranges and contracts with you, so please call us!