Preparing for a telephone interview

Prepare for the loss of body language.

During a telephone interview, you lose all ability to communicate using body language and eye contact, which can make it more difficult to determine the reaction of your interviewer. It can also limit your tone and make you sound less enthusiastic about the job role as they can’t see your expressions. In order to push past this obstacle, you need to consider your tone of voice and ensure you are speaking clearly and confidently to show your capability and interest in the company.telephone-call-220x300

Beware of talking over each other

It’s going to be difficult to determine when the person on the other end of the line finishes their sentence as you’re less able to connect with them over the phone. Ensure you leave a couple of seconds gap before you answer just so you know they’re definitely finished with their question/sentence.

Have some notes or your CV to hand.

No, that doesn’t mean write a 3 paragraph answer to every single question they could possibly ask you so you’re scuffling through endless pages. Write a few notes on a range of the most common questions, e.g. they may ask you why you would like to work for them, in which case you should look on their website to find out more about them as a company and what they do specifically. Or, as mentioned you may want to keep your CV by your side in case they would like to hear of your skills/ qualifications

Stand in a place with decent signal

If you’re expecting a call, there’s nothing worse than realising you have 0 signal and starting to panic because this could be the most important call of your life so far. Beforehand, make sure you know a place where you get a good, strong signal or ask them to call you on a landline so it doesn’t drop.

Stay away from distractions.

Regardless of where you have decided to take the call – your living room, or even hiding in the toilet at work (although, maybe not if you haven’t even got the new job yet…) ensure you’re away from all distractions. Turn the TV off, ask someone to take care of the kids for half an hour as you don’t want to sound like you’re not fussed about the job. Finally, make sure you’re in a quiet place where they can hear you at all

Seems simple, right? It’s always daunting having a telephone interview, sometimes even more nerve-wrecking than the real thing! But not to worry, carry yourself with confidence and follow these top tips to ensure a smooth and successful telephone interview.

How writing can improve your productivity

Have you written your to do list for today? Did you hand write it or did you type your to do’s on a note on your desktop? Well the good news is that if you jotted down your list the old fashioned way on a piece of paper or post-it note then you’re more than likely to remember what you have wrote down. If you use your keyboard to put your list on a digital note, then your brain isn’t going to retain the information as easily as if it was writing down on a piece of paper. Continue reading

DIY Office Decorations for this Christmas!

Deck the halls with… whatever you like! These simple decorations are perfect for putting the Office in Christmas spirit.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

All you would need is an old pair of socks (though you might want to wash them first), fabric and some beads, voila! A lovely little buddy to sit on your desk over the holidays… he won’t melt like the others either!

Snow is fallin’, all around now!

54e9997c91a6a56c9835109abd10ae55paper snow.jpg

Of course we’re going to include paper snowflakes… They’re simple, easy and these designs are fabulous! They take the art of snowflake snipping to a whole new level.

Simple, effective, festive pasta!


I love how easy these are to make, all you need is pasta, string and pretty paint! Add some glitter for a festive sparkling effect.

A wreath for all!


These mini wreaths are adorable, and not to mention will give the office a fresh rosemary scent! These could even be place names at the office Christmas party!

Not looking for a Christmas tree for the office? How about Christmas sticks?


I think these make for lovely make-shift Christmas trees, and you can put any DIY decorations on it to ass a little personal touch to the Office tree.

A star for the tree.


Maybe your personal touch for the three could be a shiny star? They’re quite simple to make, cheap too!

A simple treat for everyone in the office.


This DIY advent calendar is so creative and looks good, even if it is just toilet roll  tubes! You can always spruce it up with some paint and glitter.

A real sweet countdown to Christmas!


This snowman countdown is so cute and easy to make! It will also lift all spirits each day as your colleagues realise how close it is till Christmas!

I’m melting! No worries though…


This is an awesome idea to let everyone know your business is open for Christmas!

Is that Christmas I smell?


Really get in to the Christmas feel with this potpourri of festive Cents! Cinnamon, Orange, berries and many more! Get the full recipe and ingredients here:

If you happen to indulge in some DIY Christmas Decor making, please share your pictures with us!

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Protect your Business

Businesses are just as vulnerable to identity fraud as individuals. This could be anything from supplying a fake or false registered company with products or supplies who then disappear when the bills arrive, to discovering that someone has ‘hijacked’ your business and has been securing credit, goods and services in your good name. Continue reading