DIY Office Decorations for this Christmas!

Deck the halls with… whatever you like! These simple decorations are perfect for putting the Office in Christmas spirit.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

All you would need is an old pair of socks (though you might want to wash them first), fabric and some beads, voila! A lovely little buddy to sit on your desk over the holidays… he won’t melt like the others either!

Snow is fallin’, all around now!

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Of course we’re going to include paper snowflakes… They’re simple, easy and these designs are fabulous! They take the art of snowflake snipping to a whole new level.

Simple, effective, festive pasta!


I love how easy these are to make, all you need is pasta, string and pretty paint! Add some glitter for a festive sparkling effect.

A wreath for all!


These mini wreaths are adorable, and not to mention will give the office a fresh rosemary scent! These could even be place names at the office Christmas party!

Not looking for a Christmas tree for the office? How about Christmas sticks?


I think these make for lovely make-shift Christmas trees, and you can put any DIY decorations on it to ass a little personal touch to the Office tree.

A star for the tree.


Maybe your personal touch for the three could be a shiny star? They’re quite simple to make, cheap too!

A simple treat for everyone in the office.


This DIY advent calendar is so creative and looks good, even if it is just toilet roll  tubes! You can always spruce it up with some paint and glitter.

A real sweet countdown to Christmas!


This snowman countdown is so cute and easy to make! It will also lift all spirits each day as your colleagues realise how close it is till Christmas!

I’m melting! No worries though…


This is an awesome idea to let everyone know your business is open for Christmas!

Is that Christmas I smell?


Really get in to the Christmas feel with this potpourri of festive Cents! Cinnamon, Orange, berries and many more! Get the full recipe and ingredients here:

If you happen to indulge in some DIY Christmas Decor making, please share your pictures with us!

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Healthy Halloween Treat Options

Sweets, costumes and horror movies are the best! It’s Halloween and we have some ideas for those looking to minimize their sweet intake. There’s nothing wrong with a little treat every now and then, but Halloween is usually filled with loads of kid’s sweets and leftovers from trick or treating. If you’re looking for an alternative treat this October take a look at these:

Sweet-and-Spicy Popcorn Balls

Mix up some fresh popcorn with caramel and throw in some toasted pumpkin seeds for a Halloween spin on caramel popcorn balls.


Squash Soup in Pumpkin Bowls

This festive dish is great for those hungry party guests. Fill a small baked pumpkin with the soup and it feel definitely have the lovely autumn feel.


Ghostly Pumpkin Pudding

These adorable individually sized puddings are perfect for Halloween. Top the pumpkin pudding with a meringue topper and sweet eyes.


Pumpkin Smoothies

A better alternative than that sugar-filled latte and a great way to start your morning on a chilly day.


Creepy-Crawly Bugs

Who wouldn’t want to eat our cute little bugs? Quick and easy prep and undeniably fun make these a must-have for the buffet at a child’s party.


Halloween Eyeball Appetizer

Keep your eyes peeled for fun with these devilled eggs full of flavour and crowd appeal. Serve within two hours of making for the best “vein” effect.


We hope you enjoy these healthy Halloween snacks!

Happy Halloween


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The Apprentice; by our Apprentice. Week Three.

Well, Oliver, it was nice knowing you… probably not for Lord Sugar, but hey ho. You were an amusing candidate, but unfortunately for you this is not a comedy show. Much like Sugar said in episode 1, “the process is not personal. It’s business.” Oliver was made mincemeat out of in his final episode of the show… probably cooked in to one of his own sausages when he got home, too. Continue reading